Our Insect Light Traps (ILTs) are designed to deliver high performance, fast fly catch to precisely where it is needed to improve and maintain food hygiene.Learn More
We have developed a number of technological innovations including Translucent Technology™ which provides all round dispersal of light, generating 2.4 times more UVA resulting in faster fly catch than competitor units.Learn More
Our products are built to be the most energy efficient on the market making them very cost effective to run, reducing running costs and lower carbon emissions. Learn More
The world’s leading range of Insect Light Traps proven to catch more flies, faster. Each member of the Genus® family is packed with innovative technology, robust build quality, easy to service features and superior performance.Learn More
The Brandenburg range of products are suitable for use in a wide range of Jan/San and Food Service markets including restaurants, food processing plants, healthcare, hotels and residential.
Our units are tried and tested to deliver the best performance. All of our products are manufactured in-house under strict quality procedures and efficacy tested to ensure that only the best performing products are supplied.
We constantly develop ground-breaking innovative technologies in order to make the most advanced products . Our proprietary technology includes Translucent Technology™ which is a UV propagation system that increases the distribution of UVA light dispersed from an insect light trap.

The Professional’s Choice

      • Highest performance, in-house manufactured products
      • An extensive range to suit a variety of market applications
      • Independently validated efficacy testing on all products
      • The most technically advanced and innovative solutions.