Genus Insect Light Traps (ILTs) are designed to deliver high performance, fast fly catch to precisely where it is needed to improve and maintain food hygiene. Printed grid, large capacity glue boards help compliance with HACCP regulations, reducing risks and minimizing servicing times.

Our range of insect light traps are the perfect tool for integrated sanitary management.

The presence of flies in a facility has a direct correlation with the level of sanitation in and around a facility. The source of a fly problem can be established by inspecting the glue board and by seeing what species of flies have been caught. This is due to the fact that every species of fly has a different habitat in which they live and breed.

For example, house flies breed around garbage areas, therefore when house flies are caught on a unit then it can be established that there needs to be a clear-up of garbage in or around the facility. Likewise, the presence of fruit flies caught on the glue board signify rotting or over-ripened fruits and vegetables in the facility which need to be cleared to get rid of the fruit flies.

This directly relates to the level of food safety in a premises.