Office Buildings

Genus Cobra

Using patented Translucent Technology™, Genus® Cobra produces faster flying insect catch when compared against other non-translucent fly traps of a similar power.
Translucent Technology™ coupled with internal reflector panels enhances UVA output, enabling Genus® Cobra to catch more flies, faster. Easy servicing and low running costs add value throughout the supply chain and an IP45 rated jet-proof […]

Genus Eclipse Ultra

Genus® Eclipse Ultra is a new and exciting innovation in fly management for public sensitive areas. The unit provides the fastest fly catch compared to any other front of house competitor unit and has a customizable front insert for brand and promotional messaging.
Genus® Eclipse Ultra is the best in its class, incorporating Translucent TechnologyTM […]

Genus Eclipse

Genus® Eclipse is the result of the fusion of design-led development and customer-driven demand for effective control of flying insects to the most sensitive public areas.
Genus® Eclipse has been designed to take on a completely different appearance to that of a traditional Insect Light Trap, with a shape and style formulated to blend discretely […]

Genus Futura Compact

Competitively priced, fast and discreet flying insect control is at the core of Genus® Futura Compact design. Slimline and chamfered casing enables fitting in locations where space is limited.
Genus® Futura Compact offers the fastest fly catch of any front of house unit currently on the market whilst incorporating black light blue (BLB) lamps for […]

Genus Discreet

Compact and contemporary design enables Genus® Discreet to blend in to décor, providing unobtrusive and effective fly catch.
Subtle design in the style of a light fitting together with its compact size makes Genus® Discreet the perfect solution for sensitive front of house locations.
Key Features: Effective fly catch performance for sensitive front of house locations.

Designed for […]

Genus Illume Alpha

Genus Illumé Alpha replicates the appearance of a modern lighting fixture, yet still offers excellent insect attraction. Large capacity glue boards maximize catch and minimize service time.
Designed to replicate classic sconce styling, Illumé Alpha features a range of cover finishes to disguise the large capacity glue board. Subtle detailing ensures discreet fly control in […]


Discreet fly control incorporating Translucent TechnologyTM maximizes the window of attraction for flies, enabling fast capture on the discreetly positioned glue board.
AtrapaFlyTM is the perfect solution for domestic and public areas that require flying insect control. Available with translucent or grey covers, the unit can be wall mounted or free standing, providing plug-in fly […]


Medixair uses patented technology to remove viruses and pathogens from the air, resulting in elimination of 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.
Medixair is part of our range of air sterilization units, which use UVC light to clear rooms of all known major viruses and bacteria including MRSA. Medixair processes 25 cubic metres (882.5 cubic feet) […]