Discreet fly control incorporating Translucent TechnologyTM maximizes the window of attraction for flies, enabling fast capture on the discreetly positioned glue board.
AtrapaFlyTM is the perfect solution for domestic and public areas that require flying insect control. Available with translucent or grey covers, the unit can be wall mounted or free standing, providing plug-in fly […]


Medixair uses patented technology to remove viruses and pathogens from the air, resulting in elimination of 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.
Medixair is part of our range of air sterilization units, which use UVC light to clear rooms of all known major viruses and bacteria including MRSA. Medixair processes 25 cubic metres (882.5 cubic feet) […]

BB Alert

BB Alert® is a highly effective, pesticide-free system for the early detection of bed bugs at all stages of the lifecycle.
BB Alert® comprises both BB Alert® Active and  BB Alert® Passive. Active incorporates a heat pad that, when activated, stays warm for up to 8 hours and mimics a host, thus attracting bed bugs […]