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Genus Cobra

Using patented Translucent Technology™, Genus® Cobra produces faster flying insect catch when compared against other non-translucent fly traps of a similar power.
Translucent Technology™ coupled with internal reflector panels enhances UVA output, enabling Genus® Cobra to catch more flies, faster. Easy servicing and low running costs add value throughout the supply chain and an IP45 rated jet-proof […]

Genus Orbit

Featuring Translucent Technology™ for premium performance in flying insect control with low running costs and ease of servicing.
Translucent Technology™ is patented and exclusive to Brandenburg. It enhances UVA, delivering 2.4 times the output of conventional ILTs, resulting in 186% more flies caught*, whilst also minimizing energy consumption.
Key Features: Incorporates Translucent TechnologyTM for faster fly catch.

3 […]

Genus Orbit Innova

Taking the high performance of Genus® Orbit and adding a germicidal facility to reduce airborne pathogens, Genus® Orbit Innova is ideal for hygiene-critical environments
Flies caught on the glue board continue to harbour bacteria and viruses. As the fly decomposes, these pathogens are released into the air over time. Genus® Orbit Innova incorporates a UV-C […]

Genus Optica

Genus® Optica utilizes Translucent TechnologyTM to bring high performance fly catch even against smaller species.
Genus® Optica features silent operation for public areas and the robust performance needed for hard-use production areas plus IP65 rated option for wash down or damp locations. It is even effective against smaller, hard to catch species such as Fruit […]

Genus ECO 30

The Genus®ECO 30 is a value engineered unit providing reduced energy consumption and ease of servicing with fast fly catch. The unit has been designed to incorporate stylish looks, eco-friendly operation and silent, economical performance for the most sensitive areas.
Genus®ECO 30 offers fast fly catch with efficient running costs for use in a number […]

Genus Futura

High performance fly catch, competitively priced back of house unit delivers increased hygiene. Variety of mounting options allow for unobtrusive installation in any environment.
Genus® Futura combines exceptional fly catch performance with ease of service to offer the next generation back of house flying insect control unit. 2 x 15 W lamps offer reduced energy […]

Genus Delta

Lamp layout designed to maximize all round attraction for fast and effective fly catch, whilst open design ensures ease of servicing.
Genus® Delta is a suspended Insect Light Trap with a high capacity, fully grid marked glue board for areas which require serious flying insect control. Easy to service with no specialist tools, Delta minimizes […]

Genus Eclipse Ultra

Genus® Eclipse Ultra is a new and exciting innovation in fly management for public sensitive areas. The unit provides the fastest fly catch compared to any other front of house competitor unit and has a customizable front insert for brand and promotional messaging.
Genus® Eclipse Ultra is the best in its class, incorporating Translucent TechnologyTM […]

Genus Eclipse

Genus® Eclipse is the result of the fusion of design-led development and customer-driven demand for effective control of flying insects to the most sensitive public areas.
Genus® Eclipse has been designed to take on a completely different appearance to that of a traditional Insect Light Trap, with a shape and style formulated to blend discretely […]

Genus Futura Compact

Competitively priced, fast and discreet flying insect control is at the core of Genus® Futura Compact design. Slimline and chamfered casing enables fitting in locations where space is limited.
Genus® Futura Compact offers the fastest fly catch of any front of house unit currently on the market whilst incorporating black light blue (BLB) lamps for […]

Genus Discreet

Compact and contemporary design enables Genus® Discreet to blend in to décor, providing unobtrusive and effective fly catch.
Subtle design in the style of a light fitting together with its compact size makes Genus® Discreet the perfect solution for sensitive front of house locations.
Key Features: Effective fly catch performance for sensitive front of house locations.

Designed for […]

Genus Illume Alpha

Genus Illumé Alpha replicates the appearance of a modern lighting fixture, yet still offers excellent insect attraction. Large capacity glue boards maximize catch and minimize service time.
Designed to replicate classic sconce styling, Illumé Alpha features a range of cover finishes to disguise the large capacity glue board. Subtle detailing ensures discreet fly control in […]