Product Description

Genus® Eclipse Ultra is a new and exciting innovation in fly management for public sensitive areas. The unit provides the fastest fly catch compared to any other front of house competitor unit and has a customizable front insert for brand and promotional messaging.

Genus® Eclipse Ultra is the best in its class, incorporating Translucent TechnologyTM to provide the widest UVA coverage resulting in faster fly catch and better hygiene in front of house locations.
The Genus® Eclipse Ultra has a unique customizable front insert which can be changed quickly and easily and can be used for brand promotion or to promote sales offer. The units are available with BLB lamps to maximize aesthetics in dining areas.


Key Features: Fastest fly catching unit for public sensitive areas with
a customizable insert

  • Out performs all competitor front of house units as well some competitor back of house units
  • 2 x 15 Watt Black Light Blue (BLB) lamps for maximum flying insect attraction. Option of Black Light (BL) lamps.
  • Customizable inserts to facilitate brand promotions and messages
  • Design led styling, silent operation, discreet and out of sight fly control for sensitive locations