Product Description

Taking the high performance of Genus® Orbit and adding a germicidal facility to reduce airborne pathogens, Genus® Orbit Innova is ideal for hygiene-critical environments

Flies caught on the glue board continue to harbour bacteria and viruses. As the fly decomposes, these pathogens are released into the air over time. Genus® Orbit Innova incorporates a UV-C light source that kills bacteria and viruses.

Independent tests prove Genus® Orbit Innova to be effective at reducing fungal emissions by 95% and bacterial emissions by 65%.


Key Features: Unique germicidal property for clinically sensitive areas.

  • Utilizes UVC light to neutralize airborne pathogens
  • Proven to reduce major bacteria and viruses including E-coli, salmonella and listeria
  • 2.4 x more UVA output and 186% more fly catch*
  • Translucent Technology™ increases UVA dispersal and catch
  • Fully hinged front door and quick release cover for easy servicing