Patented Translucent Technologytm creates faster fly catch and improves food safety.

Brandenburg has developed the latest innovation in flying insect control called Translucent TechnologyTM. This proprietary technology is featured in some of our Insect Light Traps within the Genus® range – most notably Cobra, Orbit, Optica and Eclipse Ultra. 

Translucent TechnologyTM (TT) is a UV propagation system that increases the distribution of the UVA dispersed from an insect light trap. The Genus® TT units disperse UVA at an intensity of 2.4 times greater than a non-TT unit of a similar power.

Conventional Insect Light Traps disperse UVA from only the front (and some from the sides) of the unit creating a limited attraction window. The Genus® TT disperses UVA from the top, front and sides of the unit giving an all round attraction window. To put this into context, this much wider window of attraction gives your customers increased food safety through the faster reduction of flying insects at their premises.